Chef Hassan Musselmani

Born in Detroit and raised in the Metro Detroit area, Chef Hassan Musselmani’s extensive culinary background and passion for food started as a young man in his family’s kitchen.

Working in the culinary world since the age of 13, Hassan has continued to gain knowledge and experience that would lead to his opening of several Metro Detroit venues and to his being an integral part of the accomplishments of many popular local restaurants .

Chef Hassan grew up on very deep Middle Eastern- and Detroit-styled American cooking, and it is his dream to create a fresh local menu that is inspired by these roots.

Now Chef Hassan Musselmani will be one of 18 aspiring chefs that will brave Gordon Ramsay and his fury this Season 15 of HELL’S KITCHEN. Chef Hassan will have to stand up to what is being touted as the toughest season of HELL’S KITCHEN in the history of the reality TV show.